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We Can Make Your Lawn Much Thicker and Greener!

There's nothing more delightful than the sight of a thick, green lawn. The appearance of your lawn will either make you the envy of your neighborhood and bring out the natural beauty of your home or cause many troubles that may last for years to come. We provide lawn services that include, year-round fertilization, and weed control. 

A beautiful "turf-like" lawn has many benefits other than just appearance. Kids and pets love the feel of soft grass and words can't explain how relaxing it is to walk barefoot through your lawn on a nice spring or summer day.

Why Choosing Gemini Lawn Care Is Your Best Treatment Option 

Simply because we understand that not every lawn is created equally and therefore needs its' own unique treatment program. We analyze each lawn and develop a systematic regimen designed to yield maximum results.

You Can Have A Beautiful Lawn in No Time! 

Not everyone has a green thumb! Even for those that do, establishing and maintaining a lush, green, weed-free lawn is an impossible task. It takes the proper knowledge, treatment regimen, and care to get the results that you can be proud of.

Gemini Lawn Care takes the guesswork out of lawn maintenance and allows our customers to spend time enjoying their yards with family and friends instead of wasting time and money. 

We really look forward to making your lawn spectacular this season.  

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Your Friends at Gemini Lawn Care